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, he represents jerome williams. the suspect that prosecutors believe ssot harris.ú >> her testimony today seems to be not what she said. so that will be one of the things brought out on cross examination. >> prooecutors mapped out the ccse. aad told the jury that even though no one that night saw the faces of the three suspects, modern technollgy, and forensic science would prove beyond a reasonable doubb that charles mcganey, gary coolins, and jerome williams are rrsponsible -n harris' urder anddthe armed robbery at the new haven lounge where harris haa stopped. >> no one can identify tte three individuals. and as i indicated in my opening, thissis a high profile case. and my suspicion issthe police department had toomake a quick arrest, to calm the fears of the community. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news "late editioo". >> robinson ttstified that she monthss harris' widow was not in court today. >> beautiful beginning to our work week. what is in store for primary election day tomorrow? here is vytas reid withha look at the sky watch forecast. no excuse not to vote tomorrow, vytas? >>
. defense attorney jerome vivins discusssd the state case, he represents jerome williams, the suspect that prosecutors believe shot harris. >> hr testimony today seems to be identical to what she says. that will be one of the things that will be brought up onú cross-examination or. >> reporter: during opening statements. case and told jurors that the three suspects, modern technology and forensic science will prove beyond a reasonaale doubt hat yarlz mcganey, garry collins, and jerome williams are responsible in harris''murder in the rob robbet the lounge that harris stopped. >> as i indicated in my openingú this is a high-profile case and my suspicion is the police garment haddto make a quick arrest to calm the fears of he >> reporter: vivins argue somebody had to pay, somebody %-weee guilty or not.ether they in downtown baltimore joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. >>> robinson testified that she had known marris forrsix months friends. harris' widow was not in court. >>> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this story. we will talk to attorney steve alle
. jury selection is expected to last five days. charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are charged with murder in the shooting death of ken harris. he has stopped by a lounge to use the restroom. he and the club owner were ambushed in a robbery attempt 3 har. harris was shot in the back as he attempted to leave the scene. it will be hard to find an iimpartial panel. >> a lot of people are not going to want to sit on it because they may have known as the victim or they have heard so much about it that they already have formed an opinion. >> prosecutors are expected to call as many as 50 witnesses to the stand, including the woman who said she was with harris the night he was killed. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is a first of its kind experiment. early voting begins today and it will run through the ninth of the month. leaders of the democratic and republican parties met to encourage voters to take the venice of the process. >> as the leaders of our party, we will work however we can to make sure that early voting is safe and secure and that every vote will
mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are all on trial, charged with murder in the shooting death of former baltimore city councilman ken harris. its stock by a lounge to use the restroom. he was ambushed as he tried to flee the scene. d need was collected from several items at the crime scene. it will be hard to find an impartial panel. >> i think it will be very difficult. take into consideration the media exposure this case already has. people have heard so much about this that they will be excluded because they have formed an opinion. >> the trial is expected to take five weeks to compete -- to complete. 50 witnesses are expected to be called, including the woman who said she was with harris the night he was killed. >> at least four explosive devices were found in montgomery county. they are believed to be associated with james lee. during the standoff, he told police he had explosives strapped to his body. a negotiator was then called in. authorities opened fire and killed tlee. >> robert bracelets worn for various illnesses have become a center of controversy. these pink bra
of murdering ken harris. prosecutors have dropped a charge of primitive murder against jerome williams, gary collins, and charles mcganey. they still face felony murder and secondary murder. closing arguments could begin as soon as tomorrow. >> the baltimore city police department is morning the death of a fellow officer. james fowler was a veteran on the force. he was on as a way to penn state when he crashed his truck in pennsylvania yesterday evening. poor weather conditions contributed to the deadly crash. >> scientists are putting the choice of sex in the hands of parents. parents undergoing in vitro fertilization can identify the sex of a specific embryo and can choose which one to have implanted into the mother's womb. >> it is potentially problematic that it does raise serious ethical issues. but the balance so for favors autonomy on the part of the parents in making reproductive decisions that work for them. >> i did not make those babies. the miracle of life is the same. the only thing we are doing is freezing the boys and transferring the girls or vice versa. >> the process does n
to calm the fears of the community. >> charles mcganey, garry collins, and jerome williams are charged with harris' murder. prosecutors told the jury new witness was going to say i saw who did the shooting. they are relying on dna evidence. they believe williams shot harris. robinson said she met harris five months before the shooting and that they were good friends. she remained in the car while harris went into the lounge. she could see motion inside the door and she saw harris walking fast towards the car. she said someone with a mask on and a gun was screaming at harris. she did not hear a shot. "i do not remember hearing a sound. i was terrified. i was screaming and yelling and telling can get to drive." she said he was silent the whole time. the car crash. the defense tried to show her testimony was different from her statement to police. >> she gave a statement the night of the murder. her testimony seems to be at odds with what she said. that will be brought under cross examination. >> gary sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are expanded their search for an escaped inmate. police
trial. jerome williams, charles mcganey, gary collins all accused of killing the city councilman. she was shot to death in northeast baltimore. >>> andy mccann's parents are expected to talk about new developments in their daughter's death. her body was found in november of 2008. >>> federal authorities will be launching an investigation into a deadly tourist bus crash that happened in baltimore county yesterday. the driver was killed and a dozen more injured when the bus plunged onto interstate 270 near bethesda. happened during rush hour yesterday. >> everybody was saying "get the kids out." >> i was holding everybody. they all were crying and bleeding. >> witnesses say the driver appeared to have a medical emergency and slumped over in his seat, leading the bus to swerve over the recalling. state police say the bus fell more than 40 feet over a ramp onto the washington beltway. >>> disturbing story out of new jersey. >> a college freshmen apparently takes his own life. could a sex tape from a hidden webcam have led to his suicide? >>> dramatic video of a touchdown showing the scary
gary collins, charles mcganey and jerome williams have been charged with first degree murder, handgun and assault violations. this happened in 2008 at the havenwood lounge. during a robbery. harris drove away before collapsing. pronounced dead at hopkins hospital. >>> nonprofit organization drums and disabilities will announce today its proposal to add $6 million to the offer that donald trump made for his attempt to purchase the mosque at ground zero. in a press conference at the holiday inn in timonium the group will announce its plan. the proposal offers the new purchase price of $12 million to the ground zero mosque developers. the organization calls to replace the mosque at ground zero with a state of the art therapy center which will include free therapy services for police officers and firefighters who were disabled as a result of the 9/11 attacks. >>> 6:51. 19 games left. the orioles need to win eight of them to avoid the loss. buck showalter turned things around. yesterday in detroit though the orioles lost 6-2. miguel cabrera delivered a bases loaded double in the eighth. th
harris. charles mcganey and gary collins, both 22 and jerome williams, 17, all face murder charges in connection with the shooting death of harris outside of a northeast baltimore jazz club. in september of 2008. >>> now 5:02. they may have the sauce but not the juice. little italy has been without electricity since yesterday. abc2 news' linda so to tell us how they made it through the night. >> reporter: it's been a long and busy night for the bge crews trying to restore power for folks here. it's been a dark night for the restaurants and people living in the area who have been without power since yesterday morning. some restaurants yesterday had to shut their doors because they didn't have power. it was a tough night but the hope is to get the power back on sometime this morning. an underground electrical cable sparked a fire sunday morning that knocked out power to parts of little italy. 120 customers were left in the dark at fawn and high streets. >> in the midst of recession after three blizzards, a transformer fire that knocks out power, not the best way to continue business
as early as monday. jury selection is wrapping. charles mcgain he and jerry collins 22. jerome williams face murder charges in connection with the 2008 shooting death outside the jazz club. >>> baltimore detectives are trying to figure out the cause of a stabbing at rams head lodge popular club at the baltimore harbor. authorities say a person was stabbed several times. the victim is expected to be okay, but right now it's still unclear whether the incident happened inside or outside of that club. >>> a man remains in serious condition tonight after an edgewood shooting. deputies got calls about a fight last night in the 800 block of fisherman's lane. when they got there they found 20-year-old co-ty wilson. he had been shot in the lower torso. deputies say they believe the incident stemmed from a fight. they said they have detained a person of this connection with these shootings. >>> prince george's county officials are stepping up patrols around the university of maryland after a rash of robberies. university police chief david mitchell says he's considering forge a task force to f
murray said he saw the videos online. marie identified charles mcganey and jerome williams. he said he had another -- a number of encounters with them about loitering. as he watched one video, he pointed to the person in the middle and describe what he called "a funny walk" buying one of the men. in another video and he identified mcganey saying he saw a side view of his face. they're using his testimony to bolster their case against the three men accused in the september 2008 murder of former baltimore city council member ken harris and the robbery of the new haven lounge. the defense questioned his special security certification and whether that allowed him to perform duties at the shopping center at the time of the robbery and murder. >> he cannot tell to the jury the truth about when he was observing mr. mcganey and mr. collins. he had no authority in 2008. none of the commission granted after the homicide allowed him to get the vacation. i have my doubts that he was even at the vacation. >> murray told them he did not carry a gun when he was not supposed to. he identified the defe
unhurt. jerome williams charles mcgain he and collins are accused of killing harris two years ago. tonight police are trying to determine how a body end up near a schooling in howard county. a jogger who was out for a morning run discovered the body near long reach high school in columbia. the person called 911 to alert police. investigators are still working to identify the body. >>> baltimore's police union continues to let people know exactly how they feel about all the city's pension changes. the most recent billboard reads, baltimore police and firefighters stand by an oath to protect you and your family despite city hall turning its back on us. it is on the east side of interstate 83. changes in the pension system were put into place last month. the unions have filed a suit in federal court to challenge the legality of the changes. the police union's previous billboard red welcome to baltimore home to a mayor and city council who turn their backs on our police and firefighters. >>> well, the world's largest automaker makes a strategic move in court over the broken accelera
investigation and dna evidence. prosecutors believe jerome williams shot harris. his lawyer says police arrested the wrong man. the difference for the other two suspects are also making opening statements. more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thank you. authorities continue their search for the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run in east baltimore. investigators say a motorcycle and car were traveling northbound in the 1500 block of urban avenue or around 7:00 saturday night. police said that is when the car struck the motorcyclist and fled the scene. jerome grant was thrown from his bike and later died at the hospital. police are looking for a new model black mercedes that is missing the driver side mirror. if you have information, call 410-356-2609. meantime, the manhunt continues for the inmate who escaped. paul bryan palmer slipped out of handcuffs after complaining of a hand injury. police say he fled on foot but now believe he is travelling with this woman in a sober 2008 kia spectra with merrill and license plates -- 1ebw10. if you see them, you are urged to call 911. we know the nam
car. she then said harris was shot as he tried to drive away. the state claims suspect jerome williams' dna ties him to the mask. the attorney disputes the claim. >> no one can identify the three individuals. as i indicated in my opening this is a high profile case. and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears of the community. >> the state's witness list contains more than 50 names. >>> 5:36. in our "health alert" -- federal health officials are considering whether to pull off meridia from the market. the diet pill has been sold since 1997 but data last november showed an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. european regulators pulled the drug off the market in january. >>> 5:36. first lady michelle obama is looking to restaurant owners for her help in the crusade against childhood obesity. she met with the national restaurant association encouraging them to provide healthier options to children. >> start showing that obese toddlers already display some warning signs for heart disease. it's clear that we just don't have the time to was
and struck a tree that is when she learned he had been shot. the state claims jerome williams' dna was tied to the mask but his attorney disputes that claim. >> no one with identify the three individuals. as i indicated in my opening this is a high-profile case and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears of the community. >> reporter: the state's witness list contains more than 50 names and the trial is expected to take almost a month to complete. >>> tonight baltimore county police need your help trying to find this -- they say paul palmer charged with attempted murder may be traveling with his pregnant girlfriend, gina distefano. police say palmer escaped from police custody while being transported to the city's central booking facility. palmer and distefano are believed to be trying a silver 2008 kia spectra, maryland tags 1ex b10. the vehicle has a bent frame and using a doughnut for a tire. anyone with information should call 911, palmer is considered dangerous. >>> the u.s. department of education has announced its latest blue ribbon schools
, and jerome williams are accused of shooting harris to death in 2008. it is reported he was trying to get away from a robbery when he pulled over to pick up a corkscrew. in the car with him was monica foreman robinson. she said she stayed in the car. she said harris was trying to get away from a gunman. the defense said she did say she heard a gun shot. for more on the case, you can visit our website wbaltv.com and click on local news. pieces of a damaged pipeline are now on the way to a lab in washington, d.c., for analysis. >> they are trying to determine what caused the mass of gas line ruptured. close to 40 homes were destroyed. four people were killed. >> gas station video of last week's gas explosion. a few of what is left. the company that owns the gas line said they will provide $100 million to help families affected by the blast. >> this has been a tremendous disaster. we want the people to know we're doing everything we can. >> they have inspected all of the natural gas lines as ordered by a federal regulators. there is concern about aging pipe lines. >> in many local communities, be
collected dna. a jacket believed to belong to -- believed to belong to jerome williams was confiscated and tested for dna. the defense questions the validity of the results found from testing certain items for dna. >> as you will hear, there are two unknown people whose dna comes up on multiple things. we do not know who these people are. in particular, there's an unknown number to use dna comes back on the mask and jacket you heard about today. i have no clue who this is. >> the detective told jurors that the cash stolen from the lounge would never -- was never recovered. testimony continues tomorrow. >> another day, another of local families displaced by fire. this time in baltimore county. it happened around 9:30 this morning on real princess line in woodlawn. officials say the fire caused a propane tank to explode. the six people inside were able to safely escaped. the red cross is assisting that family. this fire comes after a family is left without a home yesterday in north baltimore. the i-team sets out to find the money. >> plus, and accused animal -- accused animal abuser orde
. this is the last thing that kenneth harris saw in september 20th, 2008. jerome williams it should not get a free pass, the prosecution said. they believe that williams fired the shot that killed paris. the prosecutor said that the young man cased the joint and they got there to to to commit the armed robbery when the owner open to the bar to let parents leave. harris tried to flee and then said an expletive and then mentioned his wife's name. he may not have been a perfect man, a witness said, but his last thoughts of for his wife. a good friend of harris said that she saw a man wearing a mask before the fatal shot was fired. the defense pointed out problems. >> just some of the questions that they ask, one was about the white t-shirt. i want to consider all of the evidence and make sure that they understand that the same standard that i hold the police department to when dealing with someone's life is the standard that the court holds the jury. the jury has to be fair. >> the defense reminded the jury of what is at stake. >> this is a first-degree murder charge and there is nothing more serious
, and jerome williams brought in the lounge and that williams shot harris. they will question the dna evidence and wonder if police made an arrest too quickly. >> one issue with the baltimore city police department and their alleged arrest quotas. i have always been struck by the irony here. mr. harris alleged that the police department made arrests because they had to meet quotas and these are the people that we have charged with trying to resolve his murder. i think the irony -- this case is full of irony. >> many times robinson said she could never caller did not remember when asked about her statement to police. the statement was recorded. rabbits into the journey that she has now divorced. she was married to a law- enforcement officer at the time that harris was killed. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. which the maid had continues for the man who escaped friday afternoon. paul bryan palmer slipped out of his handcuffs after complaining of a hand injury. he's being held on attempted murder charge. palmer fled on foot but they now believe they -- that he
in the ken harris measured trial. jerome williams, charles mcganey and gary collins all accused of killing the former city councilman two years ago. he was shot to death in his car parked outside the new haven lounge in northeast baltimore. >>> today the casino in perryville will have its grand opening. the 35,000 square foot slots parlor in cecil county has 1500 slot machines, two restaurants all set in hollywood movie-themed backdrops. the mayor among others will be on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony today. >>> in democracy 2010: the race for maryland's next governor, the man currently holding the job has a big name backing him. michael bloomberg will endorse governor martin o'malley in his election race. mr. bloomberg's endorsement will be announced today. >>> the maryland green party has nominated kenneth henry to replace her daughter on the ballot for the party in the race for state senator. pedigroo died after she was hit by a car in howard county. >>> well today after you eat dinner, head to the cold stone creamery for a free sunday. >> any time there's something free, we'll tell
, and jerome williams are charged with murder in the death of ken harris. he stopped by a lounge to use a restroom. he was ambushed. one of the suspects shot harris in the back as he tried to leave the scene. the attorney for gary collins said dna can be a big issue. >> our unknown individuals involved in the dna samples concerning my client. it is not just a single source dna. is the dna of him and other people, other unknown individuals. and then what cannot be excluded is a number of people listed, including some of the witnesses. >> jury selection is going to be tough. nearly half of the potential jury pool said five weeks would be a hardship and they could not do it. more people said they had been a victim of a crime or they knew someone who was paired others said they needed to speak to the judge privately about their reasons to not hear the case. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 73 degrees on tv hill. >> welcome back. some clouds out there downtown. 79 degrees. a warm start. we are tracking hurricane earl. let's look at what is doing now. it is about 87 miles to this out
, but none of them can say with certainty that charles mcganey, gary collins or jerome williams are the men who did it. their testimony was contradictory to the number of shots they thought earing, o the number of suspects that carried out tte crime. >> everyone is assuming that the peeple outside of theebar were the people nside of the bar to the people that went to the sidú of theebar. >> the state is banking on surveillance video and dna evidence to conninne jurors,ú that mcggney, collins, and williams are guilty. back commissioner fred bealefeld tied the williams dna to the halloween mask. witnesses say that the suspectt wore the mask on the night off3 the murder. >>> fire offiiialsssay 26 years old ainsly gordon of germantown doused his car with 12 gallons of gasoline and then ignited. it happened at an exxon station off of interstate 270. investigators aree have ruled ol accidental causes. >>> have you seen the billboard ú%der funding police and fire. >> police and fire are standing by city residents despite city haal turning their back on them. >> they're upset that the city ha
suspects charres cganey, gary collins or jerome williams as the shooter, but the state is hoping that the surreillance video and dna evidence will be enough for >>> the general ellction is just and so is the big rematch between current governor martino pallmartino'malley and former gb eerlich. will this race be any different? political analyst say the election will beevery familiar this time around. couple bent haencouple bent hase ú%allenger. >> this time it's governor o'malley dealing with the backlash againsttbarack obama. >> political analysts say one of the biggest factors in the race a record low in the rimaries. >>> stay with fox 44 for latest information on the november >>> cleaning your car and0 icon. keeping the enviionment pristine. it's the goal new car wash owners in baltimore who are workinggto make your facilities paul carson has the story. >>> one eaay way to tell whether your car wash is green is to %-dirty water that comes off of your car. newer fa silltie!! facilities ha way to it be recycled. >> we recover 90% of the wash water. that combined withhthe better
in evidence evidencee trial continues. charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams robbed nd killed harris outside of a azz club. thh dna evidence in the case came from a match found on the scene seen in the surveillaace viddo n tteepocket of one of the defendants. they say that the they are ready for the trial to begin. >> it's devastated the whole family. i never really understood what a murrer -- someone being murdered in someone's family went through. now i do. >> the jury is already seatedd3 for the case prepared foo aú trial that could take more than a month to fibbe finish. -n that time we will learn more about the dna evidence and more about the woman inside of ken harris' car on the night of the murder. stay with uu for the latest n this murder trral. live from the mitchell courthouse, doontown this morning. megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. >>> investigators believe that a domestic dispute possibly leddto %-police found the couple shot o death on saturdaa night on saturday night. the unmarried couple lived with three young childrennwho lived in the ome at the tim
to drive away he struck a tree, she learned he had been shot. the state claims that the suspect, jerome williams' dna ties him to the mask but they dispute that claim. >> no one could identify the three individuals. as i indicated in my opening, this is a high-profile case and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears of the community. >> the state's witness list contains more than 50 names and the trial is expected to take almost a month to complete. >>> 6:53. little italy is expected to have power restored. crews worked all day yesterday to replace an underground cable that failed sunday morning. we spoke with vince over at sabatino's, just one of the many restaurants closed for two days as the crews work to bury the new cable. >> lost business is like lost sleep. once it's gone it's gone. but it happens. sometimes you have a snowstorm. sometimes you have a power outage. >> still no word on the cause of the fire. that damaged that underground cable. >>> 6:54. the university of maryland hospital for children unveiled a new fun center for patient
men accused of killing ken harris. charles mcganey, gary collins, jerome williams, face murder charges in connection with shooting harris back in september of 2008. the pre-trial motions didn't go well for the defense. the judge rejected every motion the defense lawyers submitted. all intend though submit dna and other evidence. >>> the grand prix race is in baltimore next year. it's a much bigger event than we first thought. there'll be two races during the labor day weekend next year. will be joining the indycar race next labor day weekend. the lamont series creates a double header over the three-day period. the mayor says the weekend event will bring in a lot of money to baltimore. the city has a contract with both races for five years. >>> the orioles were on the verge of beating [inaudible] for the first time. hit homers in a 6-run seven. >>> coming in, listening to a new york radio station this morning: a heard the host say the yankees are worried about playing the orioles. >>> remember the ravens play tonight: last pre-season game of the year. they're playing in st. louis. >> pe
city councilman ken harris. charles mcganey and gary collins, 22 and jerome williams, 17 face murder charges in connection with the shooting death of harris outside of a northeast baltimore jazz club. that was september of 2008. >>> democracy 2010 -- tomorrow you'll be voting. among the big races, primary race for governor. polls will be open from 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. we'll have live team coverage on the air and on line tomorrow. >>> tonight, begins the 15th season for the baltimore ravens. they play under the bright new york lights against the jets. up in their new stadium. no season has caused this much excitement for so much -- the ravens and jets tonight at 7:00. >>> i want to start off with what the big news about this weekend. this is the tropics. hurricane igor. i've heard it pronounced different ways. either way, 150 mile-per-hour winds. the strongest storm on the planet today. yeah, we didn't have comparable storms in the pacific or indian oceans. 150 mile-per-hour winds, a category 4 storm and behind it tropical storm julia just getting named yesterd
to a man. and the 22-year-old gary colins and the 17-year-old jerome williams are charged and on trial. >>> new details from a man who escaped from the police custody. palmer could be heading to washington, d.c. and west virginia. he faked a medical emergency as he was held on attempted murder charges. stay with wjz-13. coming up, midterm elections. ,,
of kenneth harris, prosecutors claimed that the defendants, jerome williams, charles mcganey committed the robbery. they ran out of the back door of the club. dna from all three was found on latex gloves and bandanas located not far from the bar. this is the last thing that harris off. on it, police found williams' dna. as harris tried to flee, he yelled his wife's name. a good friend of harrison -- of harris saw the car as it was leaving. the police investigation was called flawed. >> is the detective was only a homicide detective for one year, if he was working with detective patton it had been a homicide detective for well over 25 years, why wasn't he the primary? >> the defense reminded the jury about the impact of their verdict. >> the stakes are extremely high. three young boys lives are on the line. >> closing arguments continue tomorrow and then the jury gets the case. >> thank you. still ahead, we will recap the top stories including an update on the deadly bus crash yesterday in bethesda. >> the mayor will brief reporters on the storm and what to spend in jus >> that is the m
collins, and jerome williams with the robbery and murder of harris. >> the clock is ticking. the bush tax cuts expire december 31. kate amara joins us live with more on that. no surprise there. >> there was a chance they could have acted on it, but senate democrats decided to say they will not pick up the talf until the lame-duck session. no vote on tax cuts until after the midterm. democratic leader blamed the delay on uncooperative republicans. the issue is on the minds of voters. >> make the tax cut permanent. >> the gop wants tax cuts extended across the board. it is a key component of the pledge to america. >> massive uncertainty for job creators. the american people are suffering. >> democrats say the agenda is a step in the wrong direction. >> their plan would take us back to the bush years. >> relief is on the way for some. a jobs bill designed to cut taxes and create jobs. >> 500,000 jobs without adding to the deficit. >> it is a $42 billion bill. the president is expected to sign it into law on monday. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what happens if lawmakers don't act on the ta
mcganey and jerome williams are accused of the murder. a jury of 12 people and four alternates will now hear the case. the jury makeup -- 8 african- american women, three african- american men, and one white male. >> baltimore city is predominantly african american. that tends to happen during jury selection. i think only two or three african american people were being stricken. >> we are begin -- we are eager for the trial to start. >> barry simms, wbal tv. >> said the police say two troops had -- troopers had no water balloons from at them by that teenage star. >> we have obtained video. >> according to police, the video is of the team since sensation before his state fair performance. he ran up to a maryland state trooper and threw a water balloon. in all, two troopers were hit by balloons. in the video, you can hear someone in the background say all call you are going to get locked up caracol -- "you are going to get locked up." second-degree assault charges are likely -- are possible, but not likely. >> my experience tells me that anybody, a celebrity or otherwise, through a water
walked out of the bar, the suspects approached. darrell -- gary collins, charles mcganey, and jerome williams are accused of robbing the club. >> i have just been robbed, i was very upset. when asked why she did not officially, police, she said she stay covered their hand -- their heads with gloves. >> she never mentioned the gloves, even though she could have mentioned that somebody had gloves at least two times. even when they showed her gloves that were polled thought of her purse, she never has the moment where she says all coat by the way, these people had gloves on pure, -- ." >> not guilty is a plea for the prince george's county democrat accused of illegally using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain. he was ordered to surrender his passport. he has stepped down as chairman of the senate budget and taxation committee. he is running unopposed in november's general election. >> with no republican opponent, greg bernstein will likely be the new city state attorney. yesterday, the 15 year-incumbent conceded. david collins has more. >> earlier, i called greg bursting at
collins, and jerome williams asked to keep a security guard from identify the suspects from a security camera. >> we do not believe that the witness should be able to testify about what a jury can clearly see on the video. why should he be the one that makes the determination for the jury? we want them to make up their own mind to quit the judge ruled the security guard can testify. a motion to exclude dna evidence is still being considered. >> a man has been arrested in conjunction with a drowning. wayne black admitted pushing ankush gupta into the harbor. a tip led the police to track down black. he is being charged with first- degree murder and assaults. >> bob ehrlich is raking in the cash. he has raised over $720,000 for his campaign. that is just shy of 3000 donors. that brings the war chest to $2.5 million. officials gathered in front of the statehouse to promote early voting in maryland. this is the first year. >> we have a tendency to forget that the primary is as important as the general. early voting begins on september 3. get out and vote. we want this to be a major success
of the killers, and it helped find charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams. testimony will resume on monday. >> the race for the state's delegate seat in anne arundel county has taken a controversial turn. it's all over who can participate in a community parade. >> stephanie hodges is a republican candidate in the democratic-happy 32nd district of anne arundel county. she was campaigning near anne arundel mall on friday. organizers told her candidates could not be in each parade, only elected officials. >> i do not have the financial resources. that is why i am here on a friday evening. >> she thinks they are playing politics. >> it seems they are trying to keep republicans out. there are all sitting delegates as democrats. >> they say the no-canada will has been in place for 20 years. >> it has nothing to do with politics. >> a former delegate told us "my recollection is that i participated in the parade." another republican candidate -- today, the parade had the upper to the to present the growth rules, and they have been consistent. >> they may have -- that might have been the
bothered to find out who the person was in the ideo. >> charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams, all charged death during a robbery at the new haven lounge jazz club in september of 2008. in court,,prosecutors showed jurors surveillance video, and photographs. images out of the club, and thieves caught on video inside of the club. prosecutors say tte defendants are in that video. but defense attorneys are quing the images, and evidence, including a jacket, that3 prosecutors call aakey piece of evidence, found in the trash caa, behind william's home. >> the jacket clearly is a heavy winter jacket with a hood. so i question, how is it a key piece oo evidence if no one why was it during the crime. and the video we have of the crime shows no one wearing it. >> the an's dna was founddon severallpieces -- seeeral items near the crime scene. including a mask. -hey expect to present that part -f the ase omorrow morning. when the trial resumes.ú live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank youu eith. >> baltimore city police are looking for the person th
scene. >> back in january of last year, police commissioner fred bealefield tied jerome william's dna to this haaloween mask, a mask eye witnesses testified seeing the shooter wearing the night of the murder. in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00.3 >> and testimony was contradictory at times today witnessessrecall hearing, to the number of suspects who carriedú >> well, we are gettinn a sneak peek at a new statue in >> bust of frank accept pay at eastern avenue and conklin. club. the dedication is >> kind of beckons you with the softness. >> later or fox 45 news at 10:00. lot more thaa cash.ú it is our cover story tonight. >> alsooahead. parking meter rage. hear more of this man's tirade later as fox 45 news at 10:00 continues. %-attacked by bedbugs in her own apartment. i am myranda stephens, who she -s now suing, coming up. >> veey busy trooical season. looking at one, two, and a third %-out there over the atlantic. show you where theestorms are heading.úú%coming up after the . i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today m
to the suspects. charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams all charged -ith first-degree murder f convicted, all three ace life sentences. in baltimore. john rydell, fox 45 nnws at 10:00. >> ann test will resume on -onday. >> new information tonight. california judge has a partial verdict against a driver accused of killing rookie angels pitchernic adenhart. he is a native of maryland killee last year along with ttw others, when a drunk driver hit their car in california. a judge found andrew gallo ú%iity of driving on a suspended license ii ttat incidenn. a jury is still deliberating six othee charges, including murder in a sepaaate case filing. >> tooay the niversity of virginia held annall day event honoring yeardley love, cockeys vilnative killed at er oof today the school intrrduced initiatives in order to prevent another such tragedy from occurring. >> and disabilities advocates are applauding congress for passing legislation that eliminates the term mental retardation from fedeeal laws. it is called rosa's law, named for rosa maasleanna, 9-year-old withhdowns. family ha
up suspect jerome williams' dna in the mask which suggests he was the triggerman that night but his attorney says between the shooting at the car, the confrontation at the door to the lounge and the robbery inside there may be tá different crime scenes and apparently more than one possible halloween mask. so, i'm going to sit back and wait and see how that particular angle develops. the state can charge and say anything. now they have to prove what they said and as i told the jury this is their case. so they have to make the ultimate judgment. >> reporter: attorneys for the three suspects told the jury since all of the robbers were something over -- wore something over their faces no one can identify them and they suggested police rushed to make arrests because it was a high-profile crime. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> thank you. >>> the first person convicted under the state's gang law has been granted a new trial. duan marshall was convicted of killing a rival gang member in 2008 but the conviction was vacated friday after a judge heard testimony about juror misconduct including alle
analyst testified that a jacket and this masked contained the dna of jerome williams. the thing williams is the person who fired the fatal shots that killed kenneth harris in september 2008. the three men robbed the new haven want -- lounge. they do name from the three defendants on bandannas and gloves located during the investigation. when asked about the approach to crime lab took, they told jurors it was an unbiased scientific analysis saying, "you cannot take these results." mcganey's attorney does not think this is consistent with video shown the jury. >> the bandanna, the masked, i have video proof he was not wearing any of this stuff. how is this relevant evidence? >> the jurors want to know if police tested a teacher for dna. they founded in other items in a trash can. >> the purse was supposedly stolen from the bar. that was the only item that was not tested. >> the defense called three witnesses included a man who told police he was sitting in his car at the northwest part of the shopping center when he heard a loud noise. two minutes later he saw three men running. he could n
mcganey, gary colyns and jerome williams are responsible in harris' murder and the armed robbery at the new haven lounge where harris had stopped. and as i indicateed in my opening, this is a high profile case, and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears >> bifvens arguud somebody had to pay. %-in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> robinson testified that she was seeing harris for six months. hhrris' widow meantime was not in court today. >> tomorrow's primary day in the state of maryland. all eyes in baltimore city, are, of course, on the race for city state'' attorney. michael buczyner joons us with the latest high profile endorsement given out earlier today and how it could affect the outcome of the race. %->> jeff, one day before voters decide who will likely be the next sttae's aatorney, high profile against attorney aid he is brraking with tradition. >> violent crime has declined by 59 percent. >> although mrs. jessamy is a nice personn office has stagnateedd >> in the final hours, leading up to primary day,
and jerome williams are the men who did it. their testimony contradictory from the number of shots they %-suspects that carried out the crime. >> everyone is assuming that the people out in the front of the bar were the people inside of the bar were the people that at some point went behind the bar. >> the statt is banking on surveillance video and dna -vidence to convince jurors thht mcganey, collins and williams are guilty. back in january of last year, commissiooer fred bealefeld tied the dna to this mask. witnesses saa that the suspect wore that mask on the night of the murder. >>> first on fox, wooms and we are not talking about the gummy kind were found in candy at a gift store at one of baltimore's most refound hospitals. 14-year-old scarlet went to john she purchased reese's cups from the gift store. she ate one and got sick. >> there wereeholes on top of the reese'' cup and there were worms ccming out on the top. they were swwrling arrund in the reese's cup. my brother opened up the second one and there was also one in there. >> hopkins says it has remooed the candies from
to the crime would be allowed in court. the 22-year-old gary colins and jerome williams are charged and on trial. >>> a fire destroyed a house in west baltimore. here are the pictures of the flames. it's across from druid hill park. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. expert advice on gege,,,, [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season. and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500 or a heavy duty without a payment for 60 days. and if it doesn't do everything you ask it to do... bring it back. ram. >>> welcome back to "the early show" on a monday morning. also a lot of excitements marking an important anniversary this morning vimplsts big important anniversary. >> the 20th season of the "jerry springer" show, former mayor of cincinnati, taking talk shows to a new level to talk about all kinds of things, the 20th season, inspired an opera and on "dancing with the stars," he killed me, sweetest dad. >> who's your baby daddy? >> it's you, harry, it's you.
in the murder of ken harris. charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams were all charged with shooting and killing harris outside a jazz club in 2008. one of the defendants claimed that evidence was illegally obtained. >>> and the city announced the american le mans series will be part of the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
a key role. the three men accused of first-degree murder. charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams. they shot and killed ken harris outside f a jazz club nearly two years ago. the dna came rom a mask fouud a tte scene. you can see it at the surveillance viddo in the pocket of one of he three deeendants. while the tragedy has taken a heavy toll on the relatives of3 the ffrmer councilmaan they say they arr ready for this trial to begin. >> it's devastated the hole family. i never really understood what a murderrof sommone being murdered in someone's family goes through, but now i do. >> reporter: the ury is already seated for his case prreared for a trial that could take more than a month to finish up. in that time, we will likely learn more about the dna evidence and peehaps even more3 about the woman inside ken harris' car theenight of that murder. we will have a crewwinside of %-kicks off today.this rial stay with us for the very latest. live from miichell courthouse, i'm megan gilliland. ffx 45 morning news. >>> investigators innhoward countt believe a domestic d
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